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Comments from the readings

“A Brief History of the Internet” I thought this was a very informative reading. There was a lot more about the internet that I was unaware of especially the way it was created. The name J.C.R. Licklider I always knew … Continue reading

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My Resources

Throughout my blogging experience I am going to need a little help along the way to become an expert. Everyone has to start at the bottom and work their way up and I am no different. In order for me … Continue reading

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The “Older Bro” of the iphone

  Apple Tablet …this gadget is supposed to be the older brother of the iphone, but will be apart of Verizon and not AT&T. This type of new technology has been recieving lots of criticism because the data and applications the services provide … Continue reading

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Mission Statement

What can you expect from my blog? A question that I can answer with ease. I want my audience to expect a couple of things each time they visit my blog. First, I will be trying to put the most … Continue reading

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Microsoft Surface

The new product which is self titled ‘Milan’ is a lot like the real world meeting the Minority Report. It is definitely the future of computer interfaces and I think has a lot of real potential to be successful. Here … Continue reading

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Landon Donovan Commercial

Landon Donovan is getting so popular this year even USA arch rivals Mexico want him in their Commercials. What a great commerical, you would think they would hate the American tailsman, but how can you hate a guy like that. … Continue reading

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The BEST Hockey goal ever

Check out this hockey goal: GOAL It is play #4 in Sportcenter’s TOP TEN for Monday 1/18/10  (In Canada) I am talking AMAZING. Even if you don’t like hockey….this is an awesome sports play with the deek through the legs 3 … Continue reading

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