Hello World..here i am

Hello. First of all let me tell you my name. I am Austin Sanders. Everyone at the AA meeting says, “Hi Austin,” and then I look at them with little self confidence and say Hi! back. What I really should have done was looked at everyone in the AA meeting with the Gary Oldman look. If you do not know who Gary Oldman is he is an actor in the Dark Knight and he is in The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington and he told me last night on the Conan O’Brien show to move the head up slowly and than give ’em the eyes. It was funny if you guys would have been there with me. Anyways I never went to an AA meeting and I thought it would be a nice little kick to throw you a story to start off my life as a blogger. Let me tell you why…

So.. I am beginning to enter the world of blogging. I was the guy who started to tell me that I am done with facebook and twitter. I still love youtube. Here is a link to youtube so you can watch funny videos, music or Tv.  Now, I must confess things have changed and I am ready for a new challenge. I should let you know a little bit about me. I want to tell you I am interested in movies, sports, food and many other things. I like to be atheletic, I like to drink beer and I like to hang out with my friends and have a good time. I am going to be blogging about my life, my dog, my girl, my friends,  my intense video gaming life, my tv shows and many things. I am going to be making bold predictions on sports and updating the latest information on news as it breaks. This blog is going to be the “shiznit”. I am pretty sure, wait…yes I am.. you want to read Ausdrizzy’s blog.

Alright..This is going to be my goodbye from my first post ever on my blog. I would like to get some comments back on this post. I need constructive criticism. If I am doing well, let me know and if I am doing a bad job in cyberspace…let me know. Alright, I think this will work out very well, looking forward to the future. Peace.

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