Why blogging is good!

The world is changing in front of my eyes. I was in class today when my teacher told me she used to have to find information without the internet. Yes, let me say that again the internet. What would the world be like without the internet? A question I thought about while she was speaking. The world is changing through different aspects of social media and the way in which the information is transferred is all integrated into the internet. The particular aspect of social media is blogging and I think it is revolutionizing the way news is delivered and received in today’s society.

I am new to this sensation that is spreading across the world known as blogging, but I am willing and ready to take on this challenge. I also think that blogging and being interactive on the internet is great for journalism. First, I think it is a great way to receive information and comments about the questions you or other people may propose. Blogging allows users to comment on the author’s opinions/thoughts at the user’s digression.  The user’s get to decide what is said and when they feel like reading the blog, a.k.a there are no gatekeepers. I like that by blogging you can report breaking news, but it is from a different perspective which makes it more interesting. I think it is the new wave of technology that is revolutionizing the way information, thoughts and opinions by people all around the world are being used.

Why doesn't Gameday come to Mo'town for this Top 10 match-up?

As all of you know on Saturday January 16th, the 9th ranked West Virginia Mountaineers Men’s basketball team will take on the 5th ranked Syracuse Orangemen in a clash in Morgantown. I thought this would be an excellent reason for Game day to come back to Morgantown for a monumental showdown in the Big East. Let’s talk about the positives. We did have the largest Game day attendance ever. We are playing in a Top 10 matchup. We have Bob Huggins and O ya, we have the NBA symbol, Jerry West. Just to remind everybody. Let me know what you people think.

Phil McNulty’s blog on the most interesting sport in the world, soccer, is also another good example of why blogging is good for journalism. Here is a story about an ex-arsenal defender, Sol Campbell, coming back to arseanl after not playing soccer since September because he quit League Two side Notts County after a contract dispute. After he blogged about this story there was instant feedback and comments. Another reason why blogging is good for journalism.

The example of me posting that on ESPN and getting user feedback is not only a great example, but it is a fun and interesting way to communicate with people who are passionate just like me in a revolutionary way.

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