A great sports moment!

Undrafted rookie Sundiata Gaines hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer to sink the King and the Cavaliers 97-96 Thursday night. Lebron James had a wonderful end to the game nailing two crucial 3-pointers with under a minute to go to finish with 36 points. The game came down to the play of Zildrunas Ilgauskas  who went 1-of-2 from the free throw line with 5.6 seconds left. The Jazz now needed only a two point shot to tie or a 3-pointer to win the game. Enter Sundiata Gaines. Utah inbounds from inside the mid-court. This would surely help the Jazz get a shot off in crunch time. The ball is played into Kyle Korver who is covered and he passes the ball to a teammate who cannot get an open look. He then passes to an anticipating Sundiata Gaines, who is playing in his 5th ever NBA game and on a ten day contract. His stats: 9 min’s, 9 points, 3/3 field goals and the game winning shot. It is Gaines’ only NBA 3 pointer in his career  The man gets the job done and boy did he do it in a big way tonight. What a shot! It looked good from the moment it left his hand and you could hear the net scream clap when the ball went through its webs. This is another great reason why sport is great. The things people can do under pressure. This is a great play, by a gritty player and I am pretty sure this is what greatness is about. I am not the biggest NBA fan because College basketball is the true essence of the game, but it is great to see the college “play” in the NBA.

Sundiata Gaines hits the 3 as time expires to lift the Jazz over the Cavs 97-96

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One Response to A great sports moment!

  1. mama dee says:

    loved the write up! I can tell you were excited and impressed watching Gaines be the hero of the game that night.

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