Why blogging is bad!

It is now 2010 and blogging is becoming more and more popular every single day. Blogs exist as personal journals, professional writing spaces, news sources, or some combination of all of the above. Like anything in life there is the good and the bad when it comes to blogging. Since it is Friday I want to be positive about blogging, but there is always time to find reasons why blogging is not helping journalism and why bloggings is just plain bad!

This guy's head phones are way too big!

To begin blogging takes away from human interaction. Ok, yes we are on the internet and this is a completely different way to communicat with others. What I mean by it takes away from human interaction is the face to face meanings and messages that are sent and recieved everyday through human interactions. I want to see my girlfriends reaction when I buy her flowers, not have her comment to me on my blog saying they were wonderful. I don’t get to see the smile, or the emotions that she evokes when she sees the surprise. To me this is an area in which blogging hurts journalism.

Let’s look at another reason why blogging is bad. Blogging takes a lot of time and is very Time consuming. The “blogger” always wants to put that one last update, make the post look that much better with a picture or link one more website to give the reader more information about the post. With all of these things happening while blogging it can make the experience very time consuming. Here is an example of another person’s blog and why they think blogging is fun, but also can be a bad addiction.

Blogging can become too time consuming and even an addiction.

Another fault of blogging is the criticism that people will recieve when they post their thoughts. I know some people deal with criticims better than others, but the reader still has to remember this is someone’s life and they blog because they enjoy blogging, not to be hassled and criticized all day by people who have nothing better to do than comment negatively about someone’s ideas. For me, personally, I have a hard time with being criticized, I wear my heart on my sleeve and try to help people whenever the chance arises. However, I do like constructive criticism and I am trying to break some bad habits and I think blogging will help me deal with criticisms.

There are many other reasons why blogging is hurting interaction and journalism, but I think the number one reason it is negative than a positive is the amount of time invested in blogging. You think about blogging too much. You may find yourself thinking about things that are happening to you in your life or in other people’s lives and the thought comes across your mind that this would be something good to blog about or this would be a good read on my blog. This can make the blog world and the real world became very hazy.

In general, there are more positives to blogging than negatives in my opinion.My assignment for the people of the world: Experience the phenomena and then decide for themselves.

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