Super Sunday

Bolton 0-2 Arsenal  (Video highlights)

Gunners keep title hopes alive with 2-0 Win

It was a good performance from the boys, especially since we were away from home. Bolton were totally committed and had a good spell in the 2nd half, but Young Gun Fran Merida scored after coming in as a substitute which effectively killed the game. The man of the match, who else, Cesc Fabregas. What technique he has and the vision is incredible. Hard to argue with saying he is one of the best midfielders in the world when healthy. The best part about Cesc is he is only 23 and can only improve his game. The first goal of the game was a neat one-two in a tight space with Eduardo, but the strike was first class.

We lost Samir Nasri and Aaron Ramsey for 3 weeks. Great! Like we need more injuries. Let’s hope the next couple of weeks the soccer gods will keep us healthy.

Here are some great goals from AC Milan. They and by they I mean Ronaldinho destroyed Siena 4-0 with Dino’ getting a hat trick. Check out some of the runs he has in this game, he goes past the defence with such ease like a snake. I must say it is some great football and I think he is back to the form which saw him win world player of the year 2 years in a row in 05′,06′. I think Dunga should put him back in the Brazil National team if he keeps playing like this. He has to!

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