The Future of blogging via Journalism

What a revelation technology is. 8 to 10 years ago many people would say they have never heard of we’blogs’ before. Now it is hard to imagine life without Facebook and Twitter. I remember in 2006 I was freshmen in college and I just heard about Facebook and how it was such a great place to meet new people and get back in touch with old friends. in 1995 people had the huge cell phones now you can almost do just about anything on a cell phone as it has turnted into mini computers. Also ‘back in the day’ if you had a new idea, a great thought or an emergency situation in which you needed to talk to somebody you would have to call from your house, cell or pay phone. Today, pay phones are a thing of the past and your thoughts, ideas and emergencies can be posted through websites like Twitter, Facebook and blogging. 

To me I think that the future of journalism is always going to be changing and I think blogging is going to help it change in a big way. Here is a good example of how the future of blogging is not only affecting the present, but what blogging will be like in the next decade: Facebook and Twitter on TV (commercial).

What I love about the future is no one person knows what the future will hold, but everyone loves to make predictions. Now more than ever people are granted with more freedoms they ever before. With this new found freedom and ever changing technology ideas and thoughts have never been more easy to express than now. So what will the future of blogging and Facebook and Twitter will be? That is a very tough question and one can only ponder and make theories. For now I think the people that are in touch with today’s technology and today’s journalism will be ready for the ride of the future. All you can do is enjoy the moment of the technological era we are in and then try to expand on things that will make it bigger, better and more easy to navigate. This is the most important part of the future. We need people to distinguish what makes things like Facebook, Twitter, blogging etc…better and what makes them worse and modify each in a way that will help excell the future and help excell the world.

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