The “Older Bro” of the iphone



Apple Tablet …this gadget is supposed to be the older brother of the iphone, but will be apart of Verizon and not AT&T. This type of new technology has been recieving lots of criticism because the data and applications the services provide cause a traffic jam within the service. Unlike the iphone the tablet is supposed to be much more expansive than the iphone with Broadpoint Amtech analyst Brian Marshall expecting the tablet to sell two million copies in 2010 while the iphone sold ten million copies in 2009. This price hike will make the tablet not suddenly appear in everyone’s back pocket and will be another feature for consumers to be interested about. Another cool feature is that the tablet will work on wi-fi which is a faster alternative to cellular networks, according to Wall Street Journal. The unveiling is set for next Wednesday 1/27/10 and the apple tablet is still yet to be named. I will keep you posted on the latest happenings on this new gadget.

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