Microsoft Surface

The new product which is self titled ‘Milan’ is a lot like the real world meeting the Minority Report. It is definitely the future of computer interfaces and I think has a lot of real potential to be successful. Here is a look at the Microsoft product:  Milan (Video)

Microsoft Surface

 Microsoft wants to integrate the product to retail stores and businesses like Cinemas, Restaurants and Apple stores. I remember trying to explain the product in class and I did an okay job, but I hope this will clear up any questions and I am eager to see what people think about the product. Will it help the future or will it hinder? Is it a good concept or are there two many faults with the product? Comment and let me know!

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One Response to Microsoft Surface

  1. Cool video, Austin. There’s actually a really similar device in the Morgantown Convention & Visitors Bureau down by the Waterfront Hotel. It’s basically a touch-screen that lets you zoom in to a Google Map view of Morgantown. Maybe you could check it out and see how long it’s been there, whether Microsoft had anything to do with it, etc.

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