Mission Statement

This is why it is called "Football"

What can you expect from my blog? A question that I can answer with ease. I want my audience to expect a couple of things each time they visit my blog. First, I will be trying to put the most interesting things, stories and news that I think our worthy of blogging. Now this information will mostly be dealing with my personal expertise on the sport of soccer and around the world known as football. I will update stories, breaking news and overall information about the beautiful game. I will get this information from reliable sources that will be available for viewer readings on my blogroll, which is located on the right hand sife of my blog. As time goes on I will be changing and adding more links to the blog roll. I have found that these links are a great resource of football information. I will say I think some of these links are pertained to certain areas of football which is good, but some of these links will eventually disappear because I will change them with what I consider to be more important or better overall links.

The bad side of Football: Part 2

The bad side of football: Part 1

Seconldy, I will also still be posting other great sports moments that I consider to be appealing and intersting. Finally,  I will also continue to post and blog about new technology that I consider to be relevant/useful/interesting to the public, friends and colleagues. I think I am a pretty honest and sociable guy. With these attributes I think I will give a unique perspective on the posts I blog about and I always try to find the funny side of things and make them more entertaining for audiences to view.

I hope that this will help people understand what to expect from my blog and I also hope that this will interest people into viewing my blog on a daily basis. If you are not into the sort of things I described, all I ask is you look at my blog and if you do not like it than, thank you for your time. My blog will be a great football resource of new information, rumors and exciting football highlights. Remember I like to blog about things that are not only interesting to me, in particular football, but also things that are exciting for all audiences and I hope that you will be along for the ride with me.

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