My Resources

Throughout my blogging experience I am going to need a little help along the way to become an expert. Everyone has to start at the bottom and work their way up and I am no different. In order for me to attain this elite status I am going to be using these websites to help me reach my goal. Remember this blog will be mostly devoted to breaking news, new technology, sports and most of all the beautiful game that is football a.ka. soccer. I will give each website a small caption on why I think it is worthy of being in my blogroll and why I think the website will help me develope into an expert. Without further interruptions here are my Ten ( in no particular order) websites:

#1. BigSoccer-This website will allow me to read more about American soccer in general from MLS to U.S. Men’s National team. It’s overall focus is on the National team and it likes to post internation soccer stories.

#2. Dirty Tackle– This website looks at the funnier side of soccer. This exploits soccer in a football, culture and nonsense kind of way. I will be able to find intersting stories and good pictures from every aspect of the sport.

#3. Football Corner– I like this website because it has many posts that are interesting rumors about the game. How much will this player sell for? Who is getting fired or sacked (that is what they call it in the football world)? This website will be a great place to start looking for rumors.

#4. Frontline Football-I think this website is great at getting information and other stories about soccer in general. A great resource for soccer information!

#5. Mirror Football– When you want information and updates on English Premier League soccer this website is the best place to visit. Covering all of the UK this website is non-stop football.

#6. Off the Post– This website is the most entertaining of all the blogs I have visited thus far. I like that they provide vidoes, have updated stories and make some of them funny. This webiste also let’s the fans speak which is a plus.

#7. Soccer Blogs– This blog talks about world football. This gives the perspective of international flavor while also providing up to date information about football rumors. A nice Twist!

#8. The Beautiful Game– This website is definitely the lighter side of the sport. It has videos from high school, to trick vidoes and even intersting stories about the most popular players in the world.

#9. The Best Eleven– This website is all about football statistics. It has the most random stats and some very informative stats that help make a post sound better. Overall a great place to find information.

#10. Bad Fouls– This website is all about the bad side of football. In every story you need both sides and this gives an interesting view from the other side of football. From bad tackles, to smack talk and even crowd fighting this is the dark side of football.

I will be adding and deleting websites as I see fit. I will also be adding more technology websites  to my blogroll in the future. Check out the websites and let me know what you think. Until next time….see you at the penalty spot!

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One Response to My Resources

  1. rzawodni says:

    Austin, I was looking over your blog and I just realized how many interesting ideas you have. I really like what your focus has developed into. I like how your sports posts are about sports that are not completely mainstream. And also your posts about new technologies. I feel like every time I look on here you teach me something. I have chosen to post my comment here because of another reason I think your blog has been successful so far and that is because you are constantly sourcing and not just giving 100% Austin Drizzy’s opinion. I hope that you keep it up with the technology posts because I think you have highlighted some really cool ideas thus far.

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