Comments from the readings

“A Brief History of the Internet”

I thought this was a very informative reading. There was a lot more about the internet that I was unaware of especially the way it was created. The name J.C.R. Licklider I always knew was famous, but I never figured out for what reason and now I know.What a concept did that man have and how it has become exaclty what he intended for it to be, for now that it is. The simple, but most important fact about that whole reading is that the internet must change with technology, it must elvove with the times in order for it to be relevant in today’s society. This sentence sums up, for me, what the internet is today and what it must do to survive, ” It is changing to accommodate yet another generation of underlying network technologies with different characteristics and requirements, from broadband residential access to satellites.”I completely agree with their theory of the future of the internet. With the success of the internet there are now more parties involved than ever before and if the users of the internet can not unite on a certain direction the internet may become dust in the wind.

“The timeline’s”

I think this was a very intersting part of the readings. It was fasinating to read about how early people were thinking to develop such a monumental, earth changing device. Honestly, human beings were thinking of how to connect people who are not in contact with each over thousands of miles through a series of packet-switching devices that turns into the internet. Absolutely incredible. New technology is something that is always interesting and important because it affects all of us. This is why I will be talking about this in my blog more often because it is exciting news. I think it was crazy in 1996 Pizza Hut had delivery online. When you are a little kid it is hard to think about where things come from and how they were developed. I am apart of the internet generation where it has grown so vast and huge that I never really knew where the internet came from or how it was developed. The timeline allows the reader to see the process of the internet step by step. This is how the internet will evolve by people looking at the timeline of events and seeing where the future lies next.

“Study Finds social media is actually social”

Ok. I don’t agree with what they are saying. Yes, I do see there side of the point. The applications through facebook, aim, e-mail and the phone usage does allow for a more easy way to communicate with people, but I do not believe it brings people toghether socially face to face. I do agree with using these applications that people interact with more diverse groups. This is definitely a fact of life. With these applications you get to meet new people and new technology all the time which is an ever changing scenario in today’s world of applications.

This study was a weird story. It had facts, but I felt like they were loaded. Overall I think that it does let people meet new people and helps people diversify,but it does not help people interact face to face more, in my opinion.

“When not to use social media”

I agree with this article. Social media is not for every business. I like the fact that in order for social media to grow the author thinks business’ must experiment with social media as long as it has an objective and not just a press release. There have been many situations when people get fired or in trouble because of what they have tweeted, posted, wrote or said through social media. In once case in particular the 17-year old captain of England’s Under 18 National soccer team and Portsmouth player tweeted “I hope we lose today,” when Portsmouth was playing arsenal in December. The little things in social media can cause the craziest stirs and get many people from high or low ranking positions in lots of trouble.

“Why is google afraid of Facebook?”

“Social networking climbed fast this year, and Hitwise says it just peaked over search for a few days during the communication frenzy of Christmas,” this statement from the reading underlines my point on why i think search websites are still growing and will continue to grow over social networking sites. Youtube in my mind is definitely a search engine website that has taken search websites to a complety new level. The statement is trying to say that social networking beat out search for what a few days over Christmax, Wow. So social networking 3, search engine websites362…I think search wins. I agree with the reading about real time search emerging. I think search is better and more often visited because it brings more to the table than social networking websites. For example people use the internet to find things that will help them understand something, make their lives more easy, etc… and serach engine sites for example a webiste that gives every tour date of every musician at one place will make that characteristic valuable and will keep bringing users back to search engines because of its valuable information.

“The Video”

I do not think the internet was invented by an individual, but by individual minds working together on a common goal and idea that would reshape the way the world communicates with each other. Throughout time the internet was added on and made to be more efficient and more simpler for technology to be transferred. I do not know exaclty where it came from. From designs and new technology across the world: from USA, to England and France each country had its hand in making the internet what it is today. Time-sharing was an important part in that process. It allows multiple users to use the computer at the same time and was the  first real big step for the internet. The scientific, the commerical and the military concepts are the foundation of our modern internet. A milestone followed with Cyclades: The focus was laid on the communication with other networks and thus the name inter-net was born. I like how these concepts shaped the internet and each country was able to help make the internet more efficient. I think its orgins are from the minds of the people that concepted the idea of the internet. They wanted to make a way for individuals to communicate information through a device that shares the network and many of the applications and new technologies that we see today stem from our origins.

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