Apple Ipad

Ipad (Video)

The Apple Ipad $499

Check out the video! It is an overview of the Ipad. As always comments are suggested! Please tell me about what you like or dislike about the Ipad?What you think the future will be like and how do you see this affecting society?

I updated viewers of my blog about the apple tablet last week, as it was yet to be named, and now the official unveiling of the newest apple sensation the apple Ipad was released on Wednesday (Jan. 27th).

The new Ipad is priced at a relatively cheap low number of $499. I say that is low because of what the Ipad offers. Who would have thought that a little device would be able to store all of our music together and be so compact? The apple ipod was born and now the new Ipad is taking technology to the next level. The Ipad is magazine size ranging at 9.7 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. It looks very sleak and only ways 1.5 pounds. It is touch screen and a completely different way to look at the internet.

On the Ipad the possiblities seem endless from reading a book, to doing homework and even checking your mail. This new pad will change the future and is something that many people will enjoy. I can’t wait for the future and I know that technoloy can only get better. What a future we are in for. Until then I will see you tomorrow as I will start a week long of posts from soccer to bowling and all sports in between, breaking news and new technology. See you tomorrow, Planet Earth!

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One Response to Apple Ipad

  1. So, I watched the video and i’m not so sure I was amazed. It’s basically just a big Iphone or Itouch? Am I wrong?

    I guess I will say that it is a good stepping stone that will lead to something that will change the future, but for now I think apple just wanted to create something new so they took the Itouch and enlarged it. Sorry to be such a “Debbie downer”, but when I heard about this I was expecting something that I couldn’t live without(like my Iphone) and I must say I was kinda disappointed.

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