John Terry Scandal

When a court overturned an injunction on publishing some John Terry gossip, we thought it was a standard “affair with teammate’s girlfriend.” Wait! Captain of Chelsea John Terry wouldn’t do that. He is a daddyof the year award winner!

2009 Daddy of the year. 2010 Cheating Daddy

Appearantly Terry and Vanessa Perroncel have been carrying on since at least September — behind the backs of Terry’s old-teammate at Chelsea and current England teammate, Wayne Bridge, and oh yeah, Terry’s wife.

Rumors have long flown that the married Terry was carrying on a long-running affair with Vanessa Perroncel, a French underwear model and longterm girlfriend of  Wayne Bridge. It was supposed to be so comprehensive, that media were forbidden from even reporting on the injunction.

Early in their relationship, they became worried because they hadn’t used protection. Sure enough, they found out Perroncel was pregnant. They then waited five weeks before deciding to get an abortion.

Terry and Bridge together playing for Chelsea FC

Bridge is expected to be named in England’s World Cup squad by the manager, Fabio Capello, but news of the alleged affair will present him with a dilemma.

Sources close to Bridge say he is “in bits” after hearing about the alleged affair.

This means Fabio Capello may now come under pressure to strip John Terry of the England captaincy if his off-the-field behaviour is affecting the way the team is performing.

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