AKON-2010 World Cup Song

Andrey Arshavin, Circled, and Russia did not qualify for the 2010 World Cup

In this video rapper/ R&B artist Akon is singing the 2010 Fifa World Cup anthem “Oh Africa” (Check out the video)

He gets a little help from his friends Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba during the song. I love how both of the strikers, two of the best in the world, are really intent and excited to kick soccer sized paint-balls into a wall to create a mural of the best soccer players at this year’s World Cup. They have Kaka-Brazil, Lionel Messi- Argentina, Frank Lampard- England, Theirry Henry- France, and Michael Ballack- Germany on the mural to go along with Drogba and Torres. The only problem with the mural is they have Andrey Arshavin, Arsenal striker and one of my favorite players, on the mural and his national team Russia did not even qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Even Akon gets to kick a soccer ball on the mural. I must say “Oh Africa” might be the next new jam and could be number one on billboard top 100. This video is a must see and I really do not have to explain much to get people interested in this video. Just think: Every littler European girls dream- Drogba, Torres and Akon together, playing football and singing their hearts out.

Who am I kidding, this will be number one!

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3 Responses to AKON-2010 World Cup Song

  1. mama dee says:

    austin I would like to read your comments about the S-Bowl. Did you have any bets on the game? also I just finished watching WVU lose a game because they can’t freakin shoot from the line. UGH!!!!!! It is like watching mini Shaqs at the line. Oh I hear a faint KLANK in the distance. Oh just another WVU bball player missing a free throw. Someone please tell Huggy Bear to fix this problem before March Madness rolls around. The new Turk is kinda cute. And oh yeah he can play quite well!!! The jc player is not soo bad either. Nice to have another 3 point shooter. Yeah. Love Mom

  2. mama dee says:

    bg Oops on my part. I blogged in the wrong spot. yeah well I am new at this too.

  3. Lady says:

    It is funny when a guy like Akon claims to be “a spiritual man” and then writes songs and makes music videos about Fuc***g strippers and making cash. Good role model. Way to go.

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