Overview of Blog a Day Week


What a week it was. From Monday: Transfer Deadline day in football, Tuesday: the John Terry Scandal,Wednesday: the Behavior and Backyard Brawl at Wvu, Thursday: A-Kon releases the 2010 World Cup Anthem, Friday: LT thinks he is done in San Diego, then the power went out on Saturday so I was not able to post, Super Sunday: saw me blog about Arsenal vs. Chelsea and now on Monday: I will blog about how blog a day week changed my life.

I learned that blogging everyday is a very enjoyable experience and I found myself trying to blog more than once a day. I really enjoy blogging, and that is something I learn to value more and more everyday. I think the most difficult thing about blog a day week was trying to get an audience to read what I am blogging about. I feel like my topics are interesting and about current events, but I need to read and respond to other blogs in order for my blog to be noticed.

The thing that got easier for me throughout the week was the ability to understand and make my posts better. The more links, tags and information that I can provide about a current issue or hot topic is something that i feel like got more easy over time. I realize I am still very young in this game of blogging, but the more I post and the more I see is only making my career, my life as a blogger a much better experience.

I posted a video about the emergence of Microsoft Surface in today’s society and then showed the video in class. I have found more information about this kind of new technology and found a rival to the new Microsoft Ipad. The technology is called Sixth Sense Technology.

I do believe that this is something that can be used in today’s society and in my opinion will be more successful than the Ipad. I hope people check out the video and tell me How they think this will change society? What effects will it have on the future? If this is something they would like to purchase and use now?

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