LT Released by San Diego Chargers

A month ago I wrote an article speculating that “LT was done in San Diego” and  am posting this to let everyone know that today it is official.

LaDainian Tomlinson IS DONE IN SAN DIEGO!

The greatest player in San Diego Charger history: In my mind

President of the San Diego Chargers Dean Spanos stated “This is part of the business that I hate. and it’s particulary hard when you’re dealing with someone I consider a friend. Change involving great players isn’t easy.”

LT did not want to renegotiate his deal, he was due 5 million dollars this season, after he renegotiated his contract before the 2009 season. This was not a shock move by the Chargers and this will give LT a leg up on some players before the combine starts and the NFL draft in April.

A few years ago I could have never imagined that LT would be finished in San Diego. He is probably the best Charger in franchise history, up there with Lance Alworth and Dan Fouts, and the best player I have ever seen in a Charger uniform with my own eyes.

Everyone, including the experts, think the reason he is out in SD is because of his low numbers in yards per carry and rushing yards for the season.He had 730 rushing yards last season and averaged 3.3 yards per carry. However,  I would like to remind everyone he still had a very productive and healthy 12 rushing touchdowns this season which is what every team would want and like in the NFL.

I think the real reason he left is because the Chargers are moving in a new direction, a new light and SD wants to get younger. The draft is coming up and I fully expect to see the Chargers draft a running back like Shown Greene from the NY Jets in the 3rd round last year or a running back like Ray Rice a 2nd round draft pick two years ago. Expect the Chargers to draft a running back in the first, second or third round of this year’s draft.

In 2006 he was the NFL MVP, has earned 5 Pro Bowls and holds many NFL records ( check my last blog on LT for the records).

He has 12,490 rushing yards in 9 seasons with the Chargers and the most rushing yards in a single decade. He owns or shares 28 team records for the Chargers.

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