John Harris and Politico

For what it is worth….it was better than I was expecting.

That is the greatness about going to an event and not expecting a whole hell of a lot. You get something better than what you thought you were going to get and that is exactly how things went for me tonight!

During this entire week West Virginia University is having Journalism week and on Tuesday night the school decided to bring in the author and creator of Politico, John Harris.

Creator of Politico, John Harris, was at WVU on Tuesday March 23, 2010

Harris was a relatively soft spoken guy, but he was very intelligent and enjoyed being in the profession of political journalism.

He started out as an intern for the Washington Post the day after he graduated from college. He said he did a good job and surprisingly to him and to many others he was offered a full time job at the Washington Post at the age of 21.

He did whatever he needed to do in order to progress in the world of journalism. Eventually he decided that he was going to try something different and he knew that it had to be something that would put his new idea on the map and do it in a dominating fashion. He decided to come up with the idea of Politico, a website that was dedicated to national politics and the inner workings of campaigning and the white house.

He knew in order for his website to be successful he had to do a couple of things. In the beginning he knew that journalism was always an ever changing scenario and he thought to himself the only way the website can be in front of the others and outlasts the others was to bring “franchise players,” to his team and have a niche in his field.

Harris explained many times that in the past journalists were more like hot commodites, but in today’s world his website and journalism need franchise players and these players had to be experts in the world of politics. He wanted his players to promote the shit out of themselves and the website, but he also wanted his players to be able to complete tasks in many different areas of the journalism world (Ex. Blogging, print writing, covering local and national stories…etc)

In the end his website gained the players it needed and started to make a profit after their third year in business. Currently it is one of the most updated and viewed political websites in America.

O, I forgot, He also said he would rather be on the Colbert Report, as long as he doesn’t try to get cheeky with Stephen Colbert. He also said many other people he works with have been showing up on shows like the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

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  1. mama dee says:

    Glad you dedided to attend. As an avid listener of Rush(we dutifully change the current station at noon while at work), he often references comments from the Politico. Let’s hope Harris’s spirit of “put his new idea on the map” will lead you into your own “niche” someday. Love, Mom

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