Rand Paul Aftermath

Fox 41: Rand Paul supporter stomps on woman at Kentucky Senate debate

Fox played a major role in helping the incident become national news because of the raw video they had of Mr. Profitt putting his feet all over Lauren Valle’s head and shoulders. Once a couple of people see something like this the video and the report tends to spread like wildfire and the story will then be see by thousands and millions of people. Plus I think Fox 41 wanted to make this national news because it is another example of a man beating on a woman for an inappropriate reason, and than afterward saying the woman should apologize and it is the woman’s fault. The more people that see stories like these the more likely women being assaulted will stop. Now the incident has garnerd national attention and has now been described as, “An “ugly” race in Kentucky for Jim Bunning’s soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat.”

Rand Paul

The video of the incident helped law enforcement because they were able to identify who the suspect was and issue the man his summons. The Associated Press also reported that the man, Tim Profitt, who was volunterring as a Bourbon County campaign coordinator for Rand Paul has been dismissed from any association of Rand Paul. He will be charged with 4th degree assault, but will not be arrested because no officers were present when the event occurred. Mr. Profitt said that he decided to subdue the Lauren Valle because he was threatened and scared that Lauren Valle was going to hurt Rand Paul. Mr. Profitt also stated that he looked bad because of the way the video was shot and in actuallity the video was not that harmful. He also said that there should have been better security at the event. This is something that I completely disagree with because he had no right to put his feet on Lauren Valle so his statement of him saying it “doesn’t look that bad,” is wrong because there was no need for him to act the way he did. I also thought it was odd that Mr. Profitt thought Lauren Valle should be the one apologizing because of her actions when I see it to be the other way around. I liked how near the end of the story the author put in a letter from Paul reminding the viewers that “Once again urges all activists — on both sides — to remember that their political passions should never manifest themselves in physical altercations of any kind.” I think the video of this event can and will definitely have an impact on next week’s election. I think this is because people saw an up close and personal look at what kind of supporters Rand Paul has supporting him. When people see supporters of Paul doing malicious things like this to innocent people they start to think about if they want to vote for Paul and why Paul might not be the best candidate. I think the media did a good job covering the event, but I would like to see absolutely no bias to either side of the political party. I think it is a reporter’s responsiblity to be just and unbias, especially when writing about politics, and in this case the media needs to do a good job of covering the story correctly.

Rand Paul did come out with a statement saying, “”I don’t want anybody though to be involved in things that aren’t civil. I think this should always be about the issues… It wasn’t something that I liked or anybody liked.” Lauren Valle was not cited following the scuffle, but New Orleans television stations reported that Valle was among several Greenpeace activists who were arrested in May following a stunt during the BP oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. This news makes it seem like Lauren Valle is a comitted person to her political beliefs, but she needs to be aware of her actions so she can put herself in safe situations and not dangerous ones. Also this is the second time she has now been in the news for something so she better be careful the next time she plans on being at a rally or an event because people will now know exactly who Lauren Valle really is.

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